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Low Floor High Ceiling Tasks are those that all students can access but that can be extended
to high levels. The low floor high ceiling tasks preferred are those that are also visual and lead
to rich mathematical discussion. In this webinar teachers will learn more about creating
challenging tasks that allow all students to explore the tasks according to their own
mathematical ability. We will investigate and play around with some challenging low-floor
high ceiling tasks and investigate how some students enter at the entry level and how we can
stretch the same task to suit some students who need that extension. Suitable classroom
environment, and teacher practice allow all students to achieve at a higher level and learn
from each other. Let us learn this innovative practice together to motivate and enhance
student mathematical thinking

/ Webinars

Exciting Math Webinars | April 2022

The Registration Cost per session is $50+GST


The cost of all 3 webinars from years 4-8 and year 0-3 is $135+GST (Save $15)