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Simple short stories and delightful illustrtaions will develop love for mathematics at a
younger age. We want student to develop lifelong learning relationhips with mathematics
bassed on fun and meaningful contexts.
In this webinar we will discuss the importance of mathematics stories and how do they
1. Develop visual thinking
2. Develop love for mathematics
3. Develop langiuistic skills
Children when they learn mathematics through stories they learn in a manner that they
don’t realise they are being taught. Bina will share her math stories that can be woven
through the topic your class might be learning.

/ Webinars

Exciting Math Webinars | April 2022

The Registration Cost per session is $50+GST


The cost of all 3 webinars from years 4-8 and year 0-3 is $135+GST (Save $15)